Marc Maron: The Social Media Generation

One of the reasons why I do not have a Facebook or any social media is best illustrated here from Zen Pencils:

129. MARC MARON: The social media generation


Fox News- Seriously?

Before I go on to post about Hyperdimensions Part 2, I thought for today we should have some comedy. Perhaps one very comedic organization is no- not Comedy Central, but Fox News. It’s comedy because of its stupidity. Two videos showing how messed up Fox News is-

I mean seriously? Fox News is like the epitome of stubbornness and dumbness. For instance, in the 1st video, obviously that lady was taking Obama’s quotes out of context. Yet, she still fights and doesn’t admit it. So pig-headed, yet so hilarious.

What’s even more hilarious, however, is when other comedians take use of this hilarious stupidity. Comedians like Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and his substitute John Oliver. Just watch and laugh.

I think that’s enough laughs for today (haha why is Fox so retarded). Obviously, Jon Stewart and John Oliver have made clear how Fox is so conservative and comedic. By the way, you should definitely one day watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Best comedy show ever.

My First 2013 Post!

Hello everybody! It’s the first day of year 2013! Today is a time not only to look toward our future but also reflect back on 2012. Below is an interactive Youtube timeline on the bests of 2012.

That’s all for today. I have decided to postpone on the short story I mentioned yesterday to perhaps maybe later.