Modern Consumerism

It all started after World War II, when young men returned back from their trenches oversees to their victorious homeland, enjoying the blood and black-powder stained spoils of war.  This was a very opportune time, considering the facts that America had created a strong middle class, and for the first time in history, the average citizen was able to afford luxury items and entertainment without being considered too extremely poor, nor too extremely rich.  It started off with simple things, like another car in the garage, or maybe a new microwave, or maybe that technicolor television you saw on a billboard on the way to work.  All things start off small, whether you realize it or not; this was the beginning of something bigger than life, an entire financial system with investors and corporations, billions of dollars flowing in and out.  Once people saw this as an opportunity, they began not only to embrace it, but rather, exploit it, drain and leech it dry if it meant the last dime in your pocket.   Over the years, it grew like a weed, rooting itself through each and every one of us, sapping our hard earned money, and for what?  We are constantly surrounded by product placement and advertisement.  Most times, you won’t even notice it.  You’ll just jog by that bus stop with the huge poster advertising for the latest apple product, the best deals on household appliances by Ikea, or that new double-stacked burger at mc donalds.

The truth is, you might say you need it, but you don’t, you won’t, and you never will.  You might say that you want it, but given you put a little more thought, you will realize that in all probability, you don’t even want it.  It’s only a temporary obligation, a small demand that urges you to get it, despite your current position or situation in your financial life.  The thing is, this whole economical system requires you to buy their junk so they can live another day.  They need you much more than you need them, never the other way around.  Poverty and famine?  None of that concerns us.  What does?  The latest nike running shoes with the cheap foam heel support and coarse fabric that was supposed to make you run twice as fast, the newest apple smartphone with 50 new features and a much wider screen.  Or how about that television with the 2160 resolution and Dolby surround sound?  Your eyes won’t tell the difference and your ears will hardly notice a thing.  You will later regret everything you ever bought and ponder your wasted life.  This is the world you and I live in, and it’s ending, one minute at a time.  What are you going to do about it?  Are you going to buy more vain and futile items?  Are you going to continue practicing materialism?  Do what you like, I am only here to provide the facts about reality, the only thing most people nowadays aren’t exactly synchronized with.


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