Intro To The 4th Spatial Dimension Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, today I will discuss the godliness of 4-dimensional beings. Remember again that we will use analogy to attempt to understand how a 4-d person would interact with a 3-d world. Note: by 4-d I mean the 4th spatial dimension, not the dimension of time.

Stickman in Jail

Now suppose there is a plane, called Flatland, and a 2-d guy named Stickman is living on it. One day in Flatland he commits a crime. The police, deeming him a danger, puts him in prison by drawing a circle around him. Now, Stickman can’t escape. Whether he moves right, left, up, or down in his 2-d  world, he cannot escape this circle “jail” (see right). But, he has left out one direction, one that he cannot visualize- height, or the z-axis-dimension. The problem is, since he can’t visualize it, he can’t use that dimension to escape his jail. But suppose one day you, a 3-d being, came to visit Flatland and noticed poor Stickman in jail. What do you do? Why you simply peel him off Flatland from the jail and place him back in Flatland outside of the jail. In a sense, you helped Stickman escape through the z-axis-dimension, and you are able to do so because you’re a 3-d being. To us 3-d beings, this is nothing special. It’s just like stepping out of a circle. But to the citizens of Flatland, it is a miracle. It almost seems as if Stickman had magically transported from his jail to another place outside of jail. Again, keep in mind that these 2-d beings cannot view the 3rd dimension, and so during the time when Stickman is peeled out of Flatland, to the 2-d beings Stickman doesn’t exist on Flatland anymore.  But once he was placed back in Flatland, to the 2-ders, it is as if he suddenly reappeared out of nowhere at a different location.

Again, we are using analogy. So what does all this imply for us? Well, think about it: if a 4-d guy (let’s call him Upper) visited our 3-d world, could he not also do the same things as what a 3-d person could do to the 2-d world? First off,  Upper could free criminals from jail. All he has to do is to peel them off our 3-d world through the 4-d dimension and peel them back onto Earth. Again, this would seem like to us as if the criminal magically transported from inside of jail to outside of jail.  So not only does Upper have the power of freeing people in jail, he also has the god-like power of transporting people. But again, who ever said it had to be a person in jail? Think about it- suppose you throw a coin into a water bottle, and then you close the cap tightly. Nobody in the 3-dimensional world can take out the coin without opening the cap. (Magicians can appear as to be able to do this, but in reality it’s because they’re so deft that their opening of the cap escapes the audience’s notice.) But everybody in the 4-d world can do that. Again, the bottle is like the jail, and the cap is like the prisoner. They can peel the cap off the 3-d world and peel it back on outside of the bottle. In essence, 4-dimensional beings can take anything out of a container without opening it. Almost god-like, isn’t it?

Here’s another magic trick that Upper can do. I want you to get two solid metal rings, and I want you to have them interlock each other without cutting the rings. You say, that’s impossible. But for a 4-d guy it anything but impossible. He can do that in no time. Why? Again, we shall use analogy. In Flatland, Stickman and his 2-d friend Paperboy are pushing two circles against each other. They want the circles to overlap as seen below:

It’s like you trying to push two metal rings together so they can interlock like above. For a 2-d guy, getting two circles to overlap each other is an impossible thing unless they cut the circles. For a 3-d guy, it’s no big deal. Why? Because we, unlike Stickman and Paperboy, can use the z-axis dimension. We can lift one circle up out of Flatland, and then put it back on Flatland overlapping the other circle. In essence, we have more room to maneuver these circles than do the 2-d people. Similarly, a 4-d duy is able to lift one of the rings out of the 3-d world into their 4-d world and then place it back into the 4-d world interlocked with the other ring. The same logic also goes with knots; in fact, knots don’t exist in the 4th dimensional world at all.

Hopefully you can see the godliness of 4-d beings. But again, to them, this is not godliness, but everyday common sense, just like to what 2-d people view as godliness from us, we view as everyday common sense. In my next and final part of hyperdimensions, I will show one more trick that 4-d people can do, and go a little off topic but still related to hyperdimensions.


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