An Alien Docufiction

Remember back in elementary or middle school, when your science teacher asked you to create a bizzare or alien creature? However, you weren’t allowed to just draw something random- you had to justify your creature’s characteristics scientifically. For instance, you could draw a creature with an extremely short height due to the strong force of gravity on its planet. You could give your creature the ability to do echolocation given that it was nocturnal.

I remember doing the exact same thing. To me, it was sort of fun. It was kinda like playing God; just like how God created us through evolution, I was creating my own animals also in a sense through evolution. However, in the end, what I really created was a picture of my creature. That’s all.

But now, imagine one day you can extend this science project and actually create a virtual world full of aliens. (Again, although it is science fiction, it is not total science fiction given that you have scientific explanations behind the creatures’ characteristics.) Suddenly, you really feel like god. The final result is not a piece of paper that you have to turn in, but a virtual world. To see what I mean, watch the docufiction below:

Pretty cool, right? And also pretty insightful too if a situation like this were to ever occur, such as robots acting all out by themselves without human guidance.

But notice the assumption that the planet we fall on is Earth-like. What I find confusing is that why do scientists assume that life on other planets is gonna be like life on Earth? For instance, a lot of documentaries show that in order for life to exist, there must be water. And what is the basis of that assumption? Well, life on earth. But we can’t just base it off one planet to determine how life on all other planets are going to be like. 

In fact, the likelihood of life depending on something non-water has a much higher probability. So, just pointing out that we need to correct that mistake.

All in all, I enjoyed it, and hope you did, too.


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