“I Would” – Justin Bieber

Just now, I realized two things. The first one is that I haven’t posted up a music post for such a long time. So I decided to post one up today. The second thing I realized is that Justin Bieber is not a bad singer at all.

Of course, that is NOT to say I like him. I still dislike his personality traits, such as partying every time and doing drugs. However, I have just admitted that he does have considerable musical talent. Of course, the question now is: why does his music suck so much then?

Take for example his song “I Would.” First, listen to the original song on Grooveshark or something. (The reason is that I am not going to post his music here- it sucks too much.) Now, after that, check out the music video cover below by Tiffany Alvord and Hollywood Ending:

Which do you think is better? Unless you are Bieber yourself, I would say you would most likely choose the music video cover. Or at least I would. Some of you might choose the cover as the better version simply because Bieber’s not singing it. However, I actually have a legitimate reason why the cover is better.

You see, here’s the situation: Justin Bieber’s musical talent is not being revealed to its fullest potential, mostly because of the way he does his music. And sadly, music video covers are doing this job for him. One instance is the variety. Take Justin’s voice, and here’s another thing I have to admit: I envy him for his voice because he actually sings pretty good. However, once you have to listen to his voice for a full four minutes, it starts becoming a little bit boring, especially when the lyrics start repeating over and over again. Now look at the cover video: is it just one person singing? No, rather it is mainly three people singing it. Thus, there is more variety. There is variety in terms of pitch, in which no matter how girly Justin seems, he can never reach Alvord’s beautiful high voice. There is also a variety in terms of hearing different voices alternating instead of the same voice the whole time.

Another thing besides the variety are the instrument involved. If you hear the original, it’s just mostly drums. Not saying that it sounds bad, but it does sound inferior compared to the guitar-playing in the cover video. The guitar-playing in fact made the whole music sound so much uppity and so much better. Plus the singers’ dance movements. 🙂

Justin Bieber

Overall, my basic message is that if Justin had done his music the way the cover videos such as this one are done, he would be so much more musically appreciated. Especially by me. Perhaps one step he can take first is to sing more duos with other singers (and please no more rappers). In fact, he should do that. Enough of the criticizing, by the way. I think I should start praising Hollywood Ending and Tiffany Alvord now. One remarkable task is the way they decided to split who sang what. For instance, Tiffany would sing “I, I, I…” and a boy would sing “know it’s never gonna be that easy.” That’s just a beautiful combo right there. Another wonderful thing is perhaps the music video itself. I loved how they put themselves into iPhones. Seems very homely and familiar. And of course, the guitar playing and the dance movements rocked.

Good job, Hollywood Ending + Tiffany Alvord. (Check out their Youtube channels, too.) And better luck next time Bieber.


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