The X Chess Championships

Chess is a fun game, whether casual or formal. Yet, there are some people out there who do not think chess is fun enough. They want to put restrictions, limits, or tweak the rules a little bit. One of these people was the famous Bobby Fischer. Known as one of the greatest chess players of all time, one shouldn’t be surprised if he found regular chess boring. I mean, perhaps the game of chess was not worth it for his genius mind. So what did Fischer do? Well, for one thing, he invented Chess960, otherwise know as Fischer Random Chess, in which all the pieces are messed up in starting position. He also invented a chess clock time system for in which every move you make, you get more time.

But what really can make chess more fun and suspenseful are the restrictions and limitations. Apparently, the makers of X Chess Championships agreed too. X Chess Championships was pretty much created because the makers thought that there should be more of televised chess. So for this tournament, they decided to film the matches between eight of the top young chess players in America. However, in a formal chess tournament, a chess game usually takes up to hours. I’m pretty sure nobody would want to just sit on the couch for hours just to watch a chess game. So they decided to not only impose demanding time restrictions, but also some extra fun rules. Plus, the X stands for Xtreme, so expect these rules to be extremes. The rules are explained below:

Also, a few more things she forgot to mention. One, it’s single-elimination. One game lost and you’re out, making this tournament all the more tougher. However, a dilemma arises. What happens if it’s a draw? Then this is where things get interesting: the time each player has left from the previous game will be the amount of time he/she will have for their second game. And of course, the players switch colors. This continues on until the tie is broken.

Although the rules might not sound intimidating, they actually are. Just watch episode 2 from the X Chess Championships below, and you can see how much the players have to go through. Especially the guy named Elliot (in the 2nd pairing of the video) during his second game that will break the previous draw.

Well, hopefully you enjoyed it. One thing I have to say- the commentators, hosts, and analysis were especially wonderful. They made the games so much interesting. And the chess games themselves were awesome, too. I mean, what else can you expect from these chess prodigies? If you want to watch more episodes, check the YouTube channel:


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