Republicans & Gay Marriage

Something big is about to happen in America. Something that will change American society forever. Just now, the Supreme Court of the United States has decided to take in the case of gay marriage. Its desicion can declare whether gay marriage is constitutional, unconstitutional, or the court can in fact avoid ruling on it at all. But even it does, it will still have an impact on America. So now society is bitterly divided again: one for gay marriage, the other anti-gay. In other words, one Democrat, and the other Republican, respectively. And the Democrats have the upper-hand on this one.

Now, I’m not saying here that I’m being stereotypical about the parties. Yes, I do know that some Republicans are pro-gay (such as Portman) and that some Dems are anti-gay. But the fact is that the general GOP is anti-gay and the general Democrat Party is pro-gay.

And again, the Dems have the upper-hand on this. In other words, the GOP is on the wrong side of the table. Why? First of all, in order for the GOP to be anything of a notable party, it has to win elections. And it especially has to win presidential elections at least once in a while. The problem? More and more young people are becoming pro-gay, or at least more tolerant of gays. The fact that the GOP is pushing against this tide is not a good sign for them, as that will mean less young voters for them. Yes, the Grand Old Party does have an advantage among old people, but so what? These old voters are all gonna die off soon and won’t be hanging around much longer.

So what makes the GOP less attractive to young voters  than Dems? This leads to the second problem of the GOP- it is too religion-based. It seems almost as if the Christian religion has become a policy of the Republicans, and perhaps the reason for this is that the GOP is based primarily on its evangelical base. Think about it- anti-abortion, anti-gay, all of these positions are mostly Christian ones. You might think this is going to attract Christian youth, but hey, I’m a Christian youth and I don’t like the GOP. Look, I love the Christian religion, but I hate it when Christianity gets into politics. And that is what exactly the GOP is doing here. So it seems that this evangelical base is the problem- the GOP, in order to survive, will have to change a few positions without alienating their evangelical base. But that’s going to be a really hard thing, which leads to…

Rob Portman

The third problem- the GOP is just simply too conservative. Or perhaps another better word- stubborn. Especially the hard-core Republican evangelical base. Again, look at Rob Portman. After having realized his own son as gay, he then decided to become pro-gay. My first thought was that his own party would help him come through this hard realization. But what did the GOP do? Why, they shunned him! He wasn’t invited into CPAC; in fact, he was viewed as a traitor! Man, that is one stubborn case right there. Perhaps the only thing that will move this base is if each and every one of their sons became gay. In other words, they need personal experiences.

So these three problems I have mentioned are big damn problems. So what has the GOP resorted to doing? Making lame comebacks saying why gay marriage is bad. One popular reason they say- will, it’s simply just immoral, according to the Bible. Okay, look, I don’t like it when Christianity is involved with politics. Oh yeah, by the way, not everybody’s Christian. Nice try with that reason. And by saying that something’s simply immoral is not enough. I need more to be convinced.

Another lame comeback- A Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage will “forever sever the ties between marriage and children” and discourage heterosexual couples from marrying. Yes, those are the same exact words in which Republicans have said it. Either the GOP has become so desperate or so insane that they came up with this lame reason. Hello, but the logic doesn’t make sense. Just because the Supreme Court says gay marriage is constitutional does not mean all of a sudden I will become gay myself. I will still remain heterosexual, whether gay marriage is approved or not. And I’m pretty sure tons of heterosexual couples will still keep on marrying.

There are much more other lame combacks from the GOP, but for now, I will not post anymore. The last straw of anti-gayness that the GOP has been holding on to is that the federal court is overreaching into the gay marriage case. In other words, the government is getting too involved. To me, this sounds like the GOP is wimpering this because they know they will lose. Is the federal court truly overreaching? I think that now is the perfect time to settle this case. I think gay marriage truly is a constitutional issue, because a fair amount of discrimination is being involved here. Now is the time to settle gay marriage, and put an end to the bickering between anti-gays and pro-gays. Just like the Supreme Court ended the civil rights issue by putting once and for all that blacks are equals, so should it do the same for gays. Because I believe this pro-gay movement is a civil rights movement, a movement demanding equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation. And to the GOP- good luck, because they’ll need it.


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