Checkmate Poem

Today, I’m really bored, so I don’t know what to do for today’s post. I thought I’d like to reblog my first post (not that many views), which was basically a poem I made.

Checkmate by Titus Wu

It’s six o’ clock in the night,
I come and sit at an outdoor table.
I take out my chessboard, my chess pieces, my chess clock,
My valuable pencil and my esteemed mind.

He comes in a black cloak,
Old with age he carries a wooden stick,
But his mind is as young as ever.
Night wraps around him like a mother,
His face remains hidden and unknown.

He sits across from me,
Staring at me with ravenous eyes,
We shake hands but for only a moment.
The chess clock starts, and the game begins.

I open up the game with white,
He does the second move with black.
Back and forth we take turns moving pieces.
As more time passes,
The more I take advantage and the more I conquer.

I beam with the rays of Helios,
My chest puffed up and my eyebrows raised.
But he smiles a sly grin,
A grin that I do not understand,
A grin that perhaps my experiences will never reach.

As the night gets unavoidably darker and darker,
The more difficult it is for me to see the chess pieces.
While I have to rely on my feeble sense of touch,
His sharp eyes still see clearly.
In darkness he is brighter and ever nearer.

It is midgame, and I am losing.
Fear grips my heart strongly
As he forces me to give way and let him dominate.
Just as the day always gives in to night,
So does my pride give in to humiliation.
I now know why he grinned.

I feel sad in knowing
That I am losing at my favorite game
My passion and love in life.
But I also know that
Not even the greatest chess player in the world
Can beat him, the great one.

Endgame comes and arrives,
I am only left with a few pawns and one downtrodden king.
The chess clock is slowly nearing to a stop.
We quickly make our final moves,
I knowing that I have no chance of winning.
The last move he puts his mighty queen at d4.
Alas, that fateful square!

At first, I do not realize.
I look up at him and see him smile that same sly grin.
He holds out his hand for the final eternal handshake.


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