A Better “Beauty And A Beat”

For all you Bieber fans, there is one thing you should know about me- I absolutely am disgusted with Justin Bieber. All her- sorry, his- still should be her- music is lame and lacking meaning. I guess the only reason why he seems to be popular among girls is not because of his music, but more of his body. In fact, I remember back in sixth grade in which this girl was always talking about Bieber’s body, not his music.

For, instance, take one single by Bieber called “Beauty And A Beat.” 

Oh my god. My ears are already bleeding to the extent that I even regret putting up this music up on my post. First of all, one disgusting thing that stands out- Nicki Minaj. Honestly, a little bit of rap is okay, but her type of rap here makes me want to barf. Let me tell you, if Bieber had eliminated her from the song, this song would sound much, much better.

Another thing- it seems too repetitive. All I’m hearing is the same old tune and the same disgusting voice. By the end of the song, I would have already been oblivious to it. Perhaps maybe even snoring. All in all, here’s the basic truth: Bieber makes me cry. And another even sadder truth: Bieber’s songs are better sung by other people than by himself. Take this cover version of the same song by Alex Goot, Kurt Schnieder, and Chrissy Costanza.

Ahhh… this is heaven compared to Bieber’s hell. Like I said, I consider this superior to the authentic version of the song. First of all, no Nicki Minaj and no rap. Wonderful. Second, there is variety. Instead of just hearing only Bieber’s voice most of the time, we hear both Goot’s and Costanza’s. I like the fact that I am able to hear a blend of both a man and a woman’s voice; it seems much more refreshing then hearing Justin’s torture.

I also somehow find it touching that these three people just decided to band up and do a cover version of this song. Very unlike Bieber, in which he has tons of money, support, and fame. I don’t know if Bieber did this song just for the money (although I’m pretty sure he did), but I do know that Alex, Kurt, and Chrissy sang this just for the fun of singing. Good job, you three.

And by the way, you guys should check Alex, Kurt, and Chrissy out in Youtube. They are absolutely wonderful.


2 thoughts on “A Better “Beauty And A Beat”

  1. I love that cover but I feel Goot isn’t a good individual singer. He can harmonize well and plays many instruments, but his solos are not too strong. Kurt’s a great guy. He went to Yale and went big on Youtube just following his dream.

    • Lol thanks for going through my blog. I hope you excuse me for some of my earlier posts (including this); after all, it was quite a few years ago in which I was a little less mature.

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