Republicans and Ignorance

I have always been annoyed by Republicans, with no offense to my conservative readers. However, I just couldn’t express why I truly felt annoyed by them. I felt as if they were stubborn, but that’s not the right word. Neither were words like “pig-headed” or “stupid.” That’s when I read this Los Angeles Times article that gave me the right word.

Read the article here (click link): LA Times- Business Owners Emerge As Vocal Force in Pro-immigration Debate

This word is “ignorance.” As you saw in the LA Times article, apparently the Republican citizens were ignorant about the necessity of these immigrants for their state economy. All they were just believing by was their stupid GOP principles telling them to rid of all illegal immigrants. They never thought of their importance probably because they never had to deal with it. Which was unlike the conservative business owners who had to deal with this. “We had people screaming over illegal immigration, but they didn’t have a clue over how their own lifestyle was dependent on these immigrants for food and hospitality,” said Wright, who remembers trying to patiently explain the issues to his neighbors. “The people complaining seemed to be totally out of touch with how our Florida economy works.”

A Poltical Cartoon On Republican Ignorance (Blindness)

Perhaps what Republicans are ignorant about is that the world is changing. They have become ultra-conservative and unwilling to change. Take for example yesterday’s post, in which conservatives ignored Christie for submitting to healthcare. Again, we see conservatives living so stupidly by their principles. However, can Christie also do that? No, he cannot, because he is actually smart enough this time to know that America has changed. And being governor, he has to deal with this. Healthcare is one of these big aspects in which America has changed. I bet anybody 100 bucks that these Republicans are ignorant about the millions of lives that depend on healthcare. Yes, I know that this case was not necessarily so in the past, but again America has changed. Its population has grown, therefore more disease, and therefore more need for healthcare. But Republicans seem to be saying, no way; they don’t seem to truly believe in this kind of stuff. The reason- because they never experienced it! I know tons of Republicans converting to Democrats, because they suddenly realized that they needed healthcare in order to pay for hospital bills, and even in some cases, in order to live on. Another wonderful example of Republican ignorance.

Also, has anyone noticed a trend in which more and more states are accepting healthcare and more and more states are approving gay marriage? This is the inevitable. The Republicans, however, are holding on, wanting to make America the way it was. But they have to realize that if they don’t change, then it’s over for the GOP- they will become a minority party.

All in all, my basic message- Republicans need to change. They are just too ignorant and too unwilling to submit to a changing world.


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