To Love At All Part 2

Hello readers. As you might have already noticed, I didn’t post anything up yesterday, even though I said I would. My apologies. But I do have a good excuse- I was busy entertaining my valentine. 🙂 Jk. First of all, I would never get a valentine. I’m not good enough to get any girl. Second, I don’t want a girl.  Perhaps the cartoon I showed in my last post is perhaps the very reason why I don’t want a girl.

Let us take a look at what kind of love this cartoon is talking about. Usually, we think of giving love as a good thing that should be encouraged in society. Yet, in this quote, it seems as if it was trying to convince us to do the opposite. And it is. It is not telling us to never love at all, though; I’m pretty sure C.S. Lewis would still encourage us to love our family and friends. Rather, he is telling us to never give away love- the boy-girl type of love.

I’m beginning to wonder whether Lewis got this from his experiences or not. But I’m pretty sure many people around the world feel the same way. Many times, one is immature, and does not know when the love he/she sees is true love. He thinks it’s love, but in reality, it is not. This is representative of the beginning of the cartoon. After one goes through many many relationships, one begins to be more mature in knowing when the love he sees is true love or not. However, by that time, his/her heart has gone through so much damage and so much pain, due to the many break-ups endured. This here is representative of the broken heart balloon of the girl in the cartoon.

This quote essentially, at least to me, is telling the reader to not make the same mistake again. I think that Mr. Lewis is advising us to not give in to love too easily, but rather store this boy-girl love up. In the cartoon, this is symbolized by the chest, in which one locks it up safely. Only does when one truly find his/her true love can she open up the chest and love too.

Again, all of this to me can be related on a personal level. Many times since I was a little kid, I had many crushes. But after a long time I realized that I did not truly love them. I realized that even if that girl and I were to get into a relationship, she would still go flocking to other boys, and it would damage my heart. Thus, I have decided to lock my chest safely. However, unlike the girl in the cartoon, I plan to lock it forever. I do not intend to marry, for to me, I know it will just cause more pain and suffering.


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