My Ideal Voting System

Sorry readers for not posting anything yesterday. For today, however, I would like to touch upon a recent issue that I think is not as important as the other issues, yet it is receiving a lot of media attention. This issue is whether to abolish the electoral college system and establish a totally new voting voting system.

Let’s say that this issue all started with the Republicans. Apparently, they didn’t seem to like the fact that they lost to Obama last year, so they proposed in their states to instead of making the system winner-take-all, it should be proportional. This all brings us back to the electoral college.

Electors in Action

Now, one thing first: the Founding Fathers were not stupid idiots. In fact, they were perhaps super-intelligent. Throughout my political life, I have heard people complain about this electoral college system. They think the American population is underrepresented because of this. My response: if the fathers were not stupid, then there must be a reason why they did this. And the reason’s simple- the majority can be corrupted. That’s the reason why America is not a democracy but a republic. Think about history, such as with Hitler, in which he was legally elected. People were influenced by propaganda, economic failures, and were desperate for hope. They became corrupted in the sense that because they were so desperate, they were willing to look to any hope, whether good or bad. As long as people self-satisfied their needs, they were happy. Even to this day is the American majority a little bit immoral. For instance, many polls have shown that most Americans approve Obama using drones to kill terrorists, even US citizens that have terrorist ties. Hello, but what happened to the moral value of forgiving and not killing?

With a republic, and in this case with a electoral college system, this case would not happen. Think about it: the representatives, or in this case the electors, are usually people who are smart or at least know how to manage things better than the ordinary person. This can be proved by the fact that they have to win hard-fought campaigns which require cunning and skill. Thus, because they are smart and now how people manipulate politics (why, since they’re politicians themselves), they are less liable to fall prey to the corruption politicians like Hitler did onto people.

Of course, all of this is theoretical. Today, our electoral college system is sort of “messed up.” The reason is that they are now such things as pledged electors, in which the electors pledge to vote for a certain candidate. So if you vote for the elector that pledges to vote for Obama, you are in a sense just voting for Obama. My problem- if this is so, why even have this electoral college system? It’s just the same thing as a direct democracy. In order for this to truly work out like the way the Fathers wanted to, the electors should not  pledge to vote anybody. The people should vote who they think best represents them and then let that elector vote whoever he wants. In a way, these electors who are theoretically smart know who is the right candidate and can decide for us; not the other way around, in which the people choose the electors in which the people know will the choose the guy the people want.

The Founding Fathers

So far, I am just advocating for going against a direct democracy. I am not advocating for the present electoral college system that we have now. Again, the Founding Fathers were smart, but not so godly smart that they could tell the future. First, let us take this scenario. There is a group of 10 people. You choose a guy who best represents the group, which is fairly easy. However, the bigger the group gets, the more harder it is to get one person who best represents the group. This “group” is America’s population, which is booming right now (contrary to the past, in which populations were relatively small).  Having a group of around three electors to represent  a whole state is not sufficient enough. Thus meaning that a winner-take-all method of voting and the proportionate method are both don’t do well in representing. My suggestion: have one or two electoral votes come from each district. Thus, the groups are much smaller and much easier to represent. This is what I advocate.

Like I said in the beginning, despite my attention on this issue today, I think this should be one of our lesser concerns for this nation. Right now, there are much more important issues facing our country: gay rights, women rights, gun control, immigration, and perhaps the most important one- needing bipartisanship. As Americans, we should push back this issue for a later time.


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