North Korea Ready To Strike

Of all the countries in the world, one of the most reclusive nations ever is the infamous North Korea. The last time North Korea made the headlines was when it had its first successful rocket launch last month. The United States and other countries started to get a little bit worried. Now, North Korea has made headlines again: it is now threatening war against South Korea.

Read the Yahoo article here: Yahoo! News- North Korea Threatens War With South Over UN Sanctions

Kim Jong-un

The rocket launch made the US worried, but I bet that what North Korea just did made everybody else worried five times more. I mean, I think leader Kim Jong-un is getting too aggressive here. Threatening war over economic sanctions? I mean, yes, most countries are putting sanctions against them, but it’s not if Kim Jong-un is alone here. He still has China on his side, a powerful economic country. Not only that, countries have been always imposing sanctions against North Korea over a long time already. And why all the fuss now over South Korea? Hasn’t North Korea already suspected that South Korea, perhaps their number one enemy, would always be willing to do this kind of stuff?

Well, according to the Yahoo article, North Korea just called the United States its “sworn enemy.” Whoa. It’s like a little dude who’s only three feet tall going up to Kobe Bryant and threatening to beat him up in basketball. I don’t know if it’s bravery or ego for North Korea to say this. But I bet it’s most likely ego, due to the fact Kim Jong-un just had his first successful rocket launch last month. My advice to Kim Jong-un is to clear this ego that is clouding his view. He should realize that the United States is much much more technologically advanced than North Korea is. I mean, the US had its first successful rocket launch way back into the Cold War.

What happens if Kim Jong-un declares war on South Korea? First of all, they better be prepared to mess with the United States. The US has always been an ally for South Korea, and not only that they even have troops stationed there. And the fact that North Korea made the “sworn enemy” comment won’t help them at all. Of course, some may counter that North Korea is allies with China. But the problem is: does China really want to get into this kind of war? Right now, China is having a strained relationship with the US over their claims on the islands of South China Sea. (The Senkaku Islands, to be more specific.) Having to go to war with the US over Korea won’t help Beijing at all. Unlike North Korea, China is not clouded by its ego and knows the United State’s capabilities.

If China does decide to go to war with Korea, however, then get prepared for a possible World War III.


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