Are Manners Important In Today’s Society?

Hello readers. In the beginning of my 9th grade year (which was just last September), my English teacher gave us a prompt to just exercise our analytic writing. She first introduced the topic by telling us how she seemed to be noticing a deterioration in manners. When she first started teaching, students would always apologize and always help her. Nowadays, she says students cuss and people almost never feel sorry for certain inappropriate actions. And so she began to think: are manners even important in today’s society?

Well, that was our prompt. And so here is my analytic paragraph that I wrote:

Manners are important in today’s society, because the basis of modern society is communication, and good communication requires manners. Psychologist Sian Bellock says that “in today’s workforce, people seldom work on big problems alone” (“What Predicts the Success of People Working Together to Solve a Problem? It’s Not What You May Think”). If not alone, then people must work together and communicate. The problem is that there is no one out there who wants to work with someone who curses, picks his nose, and always ignores others. Good manners are required so people will work together efficiently and willingly. Problems will always exist in society, and it requires group work, thus etiquette, to solve that issue. To live in our modern society, one has to succeed in it, whether it is starting a business or finding a job. “To succeed in today’s modern society,” says businessman Joe Toal, “is that you have to learn how to be ‘invited’ into your prospect’s world as a welcomed guest and expert, not a solicitor and pest” (“Play by the Rules to Succeed in Today’s Business World!”). In other words, you don’t want to go to other people and beg them to buy your product, but instead, have the customers come to you to purchase your product. To do that, it not only requires a good product, but also a good persona towards consumers. By being polite and having good customer service, you are able to attract more buyers than by swearing at them. When succeeding in today’s society, communication is not an option but a requirement, and usually the more manners you demonstrate in your cooperation, the more prosperous you will be in modern society.

Here’s another paragraph that one of my classmates wrote:

In today’s society, manners are a necessity because they are beneficial to those who display them. Being courteous towards others makes people more likeable and it’s easier to start new relationships with others. A Men’s Health Magazine survey stated that, “60 percent of women say good manners ‘absolutely’ make a man more attractive”. If a guy does a gracious deed like holding the door open for a girl or saying “bless you” when she sneezes, he’s displaying that he acknowledges her presence. Later, it would be much easier to start a conversation with her because he’s had some interaction with her and she felt she was respected. You never know, being polite can be the reason you can find your soul mate in the future or even a quality friend. Not only do manners make people more likeable, but according to Clarence Thomas, they also, “…open doors that the best education cannot.” There’s a common belief that to be successful, you have to excel in school,but that is not always the case. In the business world, employers will not hire someone who is rude and disrespectful, no matter how smart he or she was in school. Because employees have to communicate with others (in most businesses), the owners hire people who are respectful and pleasant to be around. Although education is important, etiquette takes you much further. Manners are essential in today’s society because they can make you more likeable, easily start relationships, and can guide you to become successful.

Which one do you think is better: mines or my classmate’s? I’m saying my classmate’s was better because hers got put up as an exemplar.


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