Bobby’s Game of the Century

Game of the Century

I haven’t been talking about chess for a long time, so for today, I will talk about it. Perhaps one of the most famous games in chess history led to one of the famous chess grandmasters. The game occurred at New York City at the Rosenwald Memorial Tournament. Playing white was leading American GM Donald Byrne, and playing black was a 13-year-old. The result- black won, and this is quite impressive given the fact that a) not only was he playing black but b) he was just 13-year-old. It should be no surprise that this prodigy was Bobby Fischer.

This game immediately established Bobby publicly as a chess player to be reckoned with and established his reputation as a genius. Below is a step-by-step analysis of this game- and keep in mind that this guy was just only 13 years old.

You probably can see already the intelligence of Bobby Fischer. I mean, the fact that he sacrificed his queen and was able to look so far ahead into the game is just amazing. To have this intelligence beyond a normal grandmaster at such a young age is almost unthinkable. Man, I sure wish I was as good as a chess player like him.


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