Looking Back At Obama’s First Inauguration

As we all know, tomorrow Sunday will be the beginning of Obama’s inauguration into the second term being president of the United States. Yet all of this does not make me think of what is going to happen in Obama’s second term. Rather, it makes me reflect back on Obama’s first inauguration.

No doubt Obama’s first inauguration is going to be more glorious and more wonderful than his second. I remember watching this first inaugural address in my fifth grade class, and that moment was just exciting. I felt as if I was watching history unfold in front of my very eyes, seeing for the first time an African-American becoming president of the United States. As I watched him take the oath and give his speech, I beamed with pride. Let me tell you, he was my childhood hero.

I remember going back home today, and I saw a Los Angeles Times article on that inauguration. In that article, I saw a picture of all the past presidents of the United States. All were white, male presidents. But what shown out was one black president in the foreground. I cut out that picture  and pasted it on my bedroom wall. Man, he was sure my hero.

However, I did notice that he made a mistake while speaking out the oath. Perhaps it was that mistake that symbolized all the bad things to come in Obama’s first term.

Yet, Obama is still my favorite president, even if he did not seem as god-like as before. Perhaps this shows that whether a president is black, white, or Asian, whether a president is a man or woman, or whether what age a president is, presidents are all still human. And Obama, despite making history, is perhaps the most human of them all.

Below is a Youtube video of Obama’s first inaugural speech. While you are watching it, I want you to think about it a little bit. How did you feel when you watched this four years ago? Do you still feel the same now? Do you think President Obama lived up to what he said in that speech? How do you think his second inaugural speech will be like? And from comparing his attitude in the 2009 speech and his attitude right now, do you think he changed in any way? If so, is it for better or for worse?

May God bless not just America, but Obama also. Let us all hope for a prosperous second term for Obama.


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