Many of us have been to funerals, where a loved one has died. Yet there are times when one cheers for a person’s death. Essentially, what is death?

To the observer, death is when a person’s life no longer exists. But it is more complicated than that. If a loved one has died, a person would feel as if some part of them is cut away, or severed. It’s as if not only did that person die, but a part of those who knew him also passed away. On the other hand, people sometimes see death as a method to avenge those they knew who died. One example was the death of Osama bin Laden, in which New York literally came out at night to celebrate his death. For those victims in New York, it was what they thought put the 9/11 victims to peace.

Yet whether we want a person to die or not, most of us view death as a transition to another place, such as heaven or hell. The Ancient Greeks and other ancient peoples thought it this way; today, so do many Christians think this, too. Whether this concept is right or not, I cannot say. If this is false, then perhaps the reason why this was made up is because it makes us want to fix and make our moral lives perfect.

But this is from the perspective of the observer. How about from the viewpoint of the person who is actually dying? For many, the point near death is a time of regret. There was this Reader’s Digest article that I was reading in which this near-death cancer patient talked about how she wished she could spend more times with her family and friends. She regretted how selfish she was and how imperfect she was. My conclusion I drew from this article was that death forced one to look back into his life and to admit all the sins and errors one has made. Death humbles the person who is dying, yet at the same time, it makes one feel depressed in that he could have done better.

One should also see a pattern in which many near-death patients talk about their loved ones. Essentially, they always speak about love. Because love is the only thing that can even last after death, in terms of value. Love is the most powerful thing in the world, where not even death can overcome it. Christians especially believe this, for in the Bible it says, “God is love.”

Many usually think of death as something bad and unavoidable. Yet to many, death is good yet seemingly unattainable. These kind of people, like me, have suffering lives and wish to escape it. To them death is a hero, pulling them away from their anger at the world and their depression. To them, death is the easiest way to solve a problem. And people suicide, for this reason.

What I have been doing is just rambling about death. I, being a 14-year-old, don’t really understand about this stuff. But I’m always contemplating and thinking about it.


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