Christmas Music

Hello guys. I know Christmas is over, but I can’t help posting up some Christmas music.

This one is by Josh Groban (refer to my past posts) for the movie The Polar Express. 

That was not actually sung by Josh Groban, but it was meant to be anyways. But notice that the music was pretty smooth; classical in that the pitch went up slowly, reached a climax, and came down; and a little operatic. Perhaps a song similar in style is a contemporary Christian song called: 

Usually, when we think of Christmas music, we usually think of holy, religious singing. But in Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” it actually turns out to be the opposite. In fact, the song is a little bit hip-hop and makes you want to dance a little bit. This song is everything but religious, but very much Christmas: 

Of course, Christmas carols are also an essential part of Christmas. My favorite one is one about Jesus, called “What Child Is This.” Here, it is being sung by Allison Crowe, whose voice makes this song even more unique and good-listening.  Somehow, don’t you think Allison’s voice or accent is sort of a little bit like part African American? Just wondering.

Well, just enjoy these songs and have a Happy Post-Christmas!


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