Connecticut Tragedy

It’s going to be the end of the world supposedly. But for 26 people, with 20 of them children, the end already came. This is the recent infamous Connecticut shootings, where a mentally ill 20-year-old named Adam Lanza murdered his mom and then drove to a nearby school to start a massacre. All this occurred in the town of Newtown, generally a quiet and peaceful place. Now, all its citizens are in shock, and trying to recuperate.

This of course made national headlines, being the 2nd worst school shooting. Throughout the past week, it was a time for mourning for Newtown citizens, and even President Obama came to comfort those who had lost someone. Below is a video of Obama making a statement about this shooting.

Notice that in the video, Obama said that we have to take action. To many people, it meant gun control. Apparently, many gun advocates were too embarrassed to talk about guns. All pro-gun senators but one came out to defend gun rights. The NRA (National Rifle Association) refused to comment. Contrary, gun control advocates were proud of speaking up. New York mayor Bloomberg even slammed Obama on not taking gun control as a serious priority. Perhaps the reason Obama doesn’t take gun control seriously is maybe because he fears the political damage the NRA could do. But hey, isn’t the NRA in its weak state due to the shooting?

Shooter Adam Lanza, who was mentally ill

Of course, however, still many people say it’s not about the guns, it’s about the people with the guns. And now, the issue of mental illness has come out of the sidelines. One should note a pattern in which all the previous mass shootings were caused by mentally ill people. Gun advocates say that if we could fix this problem, then this gun issue should be no big deal. The question is how do we fix this problem? Establishing a ton of psychiatrists in America is not going to help that much. I guess that this shooting is a wake-up call for America to start putting more emphasis on fixing mental illnesses. Usually, this issue is put off to the side because nobody likes to talk about it, but if we don’t do anything about this, than more shootings will be occurring.

Politicizing a tragedy is usually not a good thing, but in this case, it might be. Because by politicizing this, we can put more focus on the issues of gun control and mental illness, thereby preventing future tragedies like this. May God bless those children who died, and may God prevent any more children from dying like they did.


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