Susan Rice Drops Out

UN Envoy Susan Rice

Recently in the ongoing news is the dropout of Susan E. Rice, the US. Representative to the United Nations. Due to pressuring attacks from the Republican base, she has decided to drop out of Obama’s consideration for Secretary of State. Criticism came mainly from John McCain and Lindsey Graham (and I’m not surprised) over her Benghazi comments, saying that the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks in Libya were due to reactions to an anti-Muslim film. However, later on, the truth was revealed to be not so. Republicans, seizing on this, started slamming Rice for not being inaccurate and so on. (I really wish McCain can shut his mouth up.) Susan countered with the fact that she had relied solely on the information she had gotten from the intelligence community. Plus, Obama passionately came to her defense, telling those Republicans that they had to mess with him first. Yet, the criticizing still kept on coming.

Despite support from the president, Rice sent a letter to Obama announcing her official dropout. In the letter, she stated that her confirmation into the position of Secretary of State “would be lengthy, disruptive, and costly,” and that she did not want to distract “from the most pressing issues facing the American people.” Selfless lady, I would say, considering that she gave up her dream job so as to help out America. But now the question is this: was it right for Susan to drop out? I would say it was wrong, because if she did get that position, not only would she make a good secretary of state, but also it would be a big punch to the GOP. (I would definitely like to see that!) Unfortunately (at least for the Dems), the Republicans won this time.

*To see the letter, click here: Susan Rice Letter

Sen. John Kerry

Now, with Rice gone, the top contender for this same position is Sen. John Kerry for Massachusetts. Not only is he experienced on American foreign policy, he also is a strong advocate for climate change (yay)! So, with Kerry as Secretary of State, I wouldn’t say it’s that bad. Perhaps maybe even better.

All in all, let’s hope the GOP doesn’t start criticizing Kerry, too. If they do, the Republicans have gone too far.


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