How Pens Are Made

Hello everybody. Many times, whenever we see a product, we always ask who made it, or why the thing was made. But rarely do we ask ourselves how that thing is made.

Well, I was in my English class, writing with my pen, when all of a sudden I asked myself this very important question. Coincidentally, in my engineering class, we were learning about manufacturing processes, and for an activity we had to create a visual detailing how a certain product was made. No doubt I chose the pen.

After researching on how pens were made, I was fascinated by the process. Whoever even thought of the process is as genius as the guy who invented the ballpoint pen. Anyway, you can download my ppt presentation hereManufacturing Process for a Pen. Perhaps from here you can research more on this, and maybe even reply to this post with some more interesting info related to this. I would love to learn more! Why, we all do, don’t we? 🙂

Perhaps tomorrow we can maybe delve into politics or the country of Turkey.


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